Ping Pong Bounce Game

Ping Pong Bounce Game

Challenge friends or family members to a great game of Ping Pong Bounce!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. egg carton (2)
  2. paint & paint brushes - 3 colors of paint
  3. ping pong balls (2-3)
  4. cardboard
  5. tape
  1. Cut the bottom from 2 egg cartons to make your game. Use any three colors to paint the inside of the cartons. I labeled each spot with the letter that the color starts with so she would know where to paint each color.

  2. Paint your game and let it dry.

  3. I didn't think the letters would show through the paint, but it didn't make a difference in our game. Tape the 2 cartons side by side onto a thick piece of cardboard.

  4. Stand back a few feet. Take turns bouncing the ping pong balls so that they land in the game board. Green is worth 1 point, red is worth 2 points, and yellow is worth 3 points. Be the first player to reach 10 points or have each player take 10 turns then add up the points to find the winner. We've had several family tournaments with this game and it has held up great and our neighbors were even inspired to make their own.