Pipe Cleaner Jewelry

Pipe Cleaner Jewelry

My daughter loves jewelry, but doesn't take good care of it. We came up with a compromise. She can make as much pipe cleaner jewelry as she wants, and I won't bother her about taking care of that jewelry.

4 - 8
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pipe cleaners
  2. beads
  1. First get out your pipe cleaners and beads. My daughter prefers them stored in a tackle box so she can keep all of the colors separate.

  2. When my boys do this project, they are perfectly happy with my usual stand by of old baby food jars. I mainly brought this up because I'm slowly learning the different ways my kids like crafts presented to them, so I want to share different ways of presenting the same craft when I can.

  3. Slowly start adding beads to your pipe cleaner. If the project is just for fun you can let them add beads however they want. But, I've used this before to practice pattern making with a kindergartner.

  4. Some beads may take more pulling to get on, but most pony beads will fit on a pipe cleaner. It just takes a bit of pulling, but that's great because it works on your fine motor skills.

  5. Last year we used this project to review some of our lessons. Each color bead helped the kids remember a different part of the story. That was a big hit with my kids.

  6. Last summer my daughter had a friend staying the week while her parents were on a trip, and they spent hours and hours making jewelry out of pipe cleaners and beads. They went through over 100 pipe cleaners and I don't know how many beads.

  7. And lest you think this is only a project for girls, here's the necklace my son made for his Batman doll today as my daughter made her bracelet. I have about 5 more pictures of animals wearing different types of jewelry.