Play-Doh Smash Game

Play-Doh Smash Game

Play-Doh Smash combines the fun of Play-Doh and learning to count in one exciting game!

2 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. play-dough clay
  2. play hammer (optional)
  3. dice
  1. Let your kid make balls of play dough. (What kid doesn't love doing this?!)

  2. Roll the dice to see how many balls you get to smash. (For younger kids, you can take out the dice part of the game.) Using a play hammer or your hand, have fun smashing spheres as you count.

  3. Other Variations:
    *Put 6 spheres in a row. Roll the die. If you roll a 2, smash the 2nd one in line. If you roll a 5, smash the 5th one in line.
    *Use different colors of Play-Doh. If you roll a 1, smash the red. If you roll a 2, smash the green, etc.
    *What other tools can you use to smash the spheres? A rolling pin? The top of the Play-Doh container? A spoon?

  4. This game will be a hit with all of your kids; see who can smash the most spheres!