Play Dough Cupcake Shop

Play Dough Cupcake Shop

Play dough inspires so much great imaginative play in our house. We make it often and play with it often. By just switching out a few tools, you can go from a bake shop to a construction zone. It is definitely a go-to activity for us especially during long cold days. On this day, we used a simple kool-aid dough recipe and brought out a few tools to inspire a cupcake bakery.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. play-dough clay
  2. cupcake liners
  3. birthday candles
  4. confetti
  5. glitter (in a salt shaker) - optional
  6. sequins
  1. We used simple things that we had on hand to create this fun bakery. My kids prefer my kitchen tools for play dough much more then their plastic toy tools.

  2. We worked together every step of the way to make this bakery come together. They love to make play dough and rummage through the kitchen drawers to find the perfect tools.

  3. The confetti sprinkles were a big hit for Emma. Grayson loved sticking birthday candles in each cupcake. We sometimes use crayons to become our play dough cake candles too.

  4. Play dough is a great way to explore sensory and imaginative fun. It is also a great tool to settle down with and relax the kiddos after a long day. Let their imaginations guide you in some play dough fun!