Play dough Tree

Play dough Tree

Get creative with sticks and play dough and make a play dough tree!

2 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. sticks
  2. play dough
  1. Go on a hunt and gather a few twigs or sticks from the yard. Pick a few colors of play dough to use. I happened to have a small box on hand that I put a big ball of play dough in to use as a base for the tree, but it didn't make a big difference so a big ball of play dough on a plate will also do the trick.

  2. Arrange the sticks in the ball of play dough to make a small tree.

  3. Press small pieces of play dough onto the sticks to make leaves. You can also use play dough to make and add fruit to your tree, and/or caterpillars and bugs at the bottom of the tree.

  4. My three year old and six year old both had fun with this craft! They kept coming back to it and adding more each time. We are using ours as a centerpiece on our dining room table. For an added detail, you can use rocks to cover the large ball of play dough that holds the sticks.