Purple and Lavender Scented Sensory Rice

Purple and Lavender Scented Sensory Rice

My oldest son loves to play in all kinds of sensory substances. We made colored and scented rice(orange/pumpkin rice) this fall for the first time. My son quickly fell in love with playing in it. When I saw Nurture Stores Lavender rice(http://nurturestore.co.uk/bedtime-sensory-tub-lavender-dyed-rice) I knew we had to try this too. Making the rice is fun for me and my son. Then he takes over playing in it and has fun on his own. When he lets me I enjoy playing in it with him.

2 - 5
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. rice (2-3 cups)
  2. purple dye (3 drops) - we used gel coloring. If you do not have purple try mixing red and blue liquid dye together to get purple.
  3. water (5 TBL)
  4. lavender oil (5 drops)
  5. pan (2) - one for the dye and oil and one for the rice
  6. newspaper or cardboard box and paper towel (1) - to dry the rice
  1. Gather supplies needed to get started. If you want a different color or scent change those supplies from the ones I have listed. You could make this sensory rice all kinds of ways.

  2. My son added the rice to our pan( we actually used the plastic lid from a foil pan that was on its way to the trash).

  3. He then added food coloring and water into a smaller bowl. He mixed this together.

  4. Now he added the lavender oil to the mix. I helped him a little with this to make sure he did not keep adding oil. I didn't want the smell to be over powering.

  5. He added the liquid mix to the rice.

  6. We took turns mixing it up. Mix well until all dyed.

  7. This is what ours looked like mixed.

  8. I was out of newspaper ( this is what I used before to dry rice). I got a piece of cardboard and layered it with paper towel. Now I poured the rice over the paper towel to dry. I left it overnight. The smell was wonderful and the house smelled so good.

  9. The next day I poured the rice back in the pan we mixed it in. I added a few spoons and bowls for my son to play with. I also took an empty sprinkle container and added sequins to it for my son to add to his rice play. My son was super excited to start playing when he saw it. There are endless ways to play with sensory rice. How will you play with yours?