Rainy Day Window Painting

Rainy Day Window Painting

This activity was a great way to keep my little ones' hands busy when it was too wet to go outside. While the clouds were gray, my kids were creating their own sunshine and rainbows and making shapes while mixing new colors. And, when they were done, my windows were "sparkling" with their extra soapy cleaning!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. dishwashing liquid
  2. washable tempera paint
  3. cotton swabs / q-tips
  4. egg carton
  1. Gather all your materials. The first time we made these, we used bubble bath instead of dishwashing liquid and it worked great. We've also mixed our colors in ice cube trays and baby food jars, but I think the egg cartons make for the easiest clean up.

  2. To make each color, we mixed equal parts dishwashing liquid and washable paint in each section of the egg carton.

  3. We used a separate Q-tip for each color and then used the Q-tips to paint with.

  4. My older children painted neighborhood scenes in the kitchen windows. They included houses with people and pets and even included scenery. We left the blinds up all day to enjoy our sunny pictures on a rainy day.

  5. My younger son had fun painting shapes on the back deck windows and then filling in the entire windows with different colors. It was a big fun mess! Thankfully, we put towels down under him to contain all the drips and splashes!

  6. The next day, I set my oldest boys loose on the deck windows with their water guns and was amazed at how easily the paint came off. My boys are now asking to wash the windows for me all the time! The kitchen windows cleaned up easily with a warm wet towel and a quick spray of our vinegar window wash.