Real Mr. Potato Head

Real Mr. Potato Head

Play with your food? Yes, please! That's how my kids feel. I always thought how neat it would be to make a "real Mr. Potato Head"--and today we did! We built, laughed, ate, and got silly. (You can't help but to get pretty silly when you're adding mushroom ears onto a potato.)

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. toothpicks
  2. large potato
  3. produce ( (whatever you have on hand))
  1. This first step is for a grownup or older child: Break some toothpicks in half and place them in the potato to hold veggie face features.

  2. Next, pull out any veggies and fruit you have on hand. Really, anything will work in some way. My five-year-old is in the kitchen with me a lot. (We have a great set of little chef knives that are wonderful for little hands.) She loves to cook and has been practicing her cutting skills so I used this as an opportunity to let her practice.

  3. Once you get your produce sliced, you are ready to start dressing up your potato. Both my two- and five-year-old loved adding to the potato.

  4. I planned this activity for right before lunch so that we could cook up our veggies after--but with how much snacking they were doing during the process, I didn't know if I would even have to make lunch. A project that gets my kids eating lots of raw veggies and fruit...I am liking this activity even more!

  5. Oh yea, the silly bug hit them. We had a lot of Mr. Potato faces being demonstrated throughout this craft. Glad I got this one on camera...she will appreciate it one day, maybe.

  6. Well, what do you think? We thought they came out just darling and you guessed it, they got names....because everything in our house gets a name. Meet Oliver and Sir Cucumber.

  7. With lots of veggies still on the plate, we did what any family would do around lunch time and brought out the ranch. Yum!