Rhyming Treasure Hunt

Rhyming Treasure Hunt

Practice rhyming and teamwork as you and your children go on a rhyming treasure hunt!

4 - 7
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. index card paper
  2. pen
  3. special treat
  1. Note: For this activity, the parents make the treasure hunt cards and the parents hide the cards. To get ready for this treasure hunt, draw 5 or 6 picture cards and figure out what your treasure will be. I hid a snack, but you could also hide ingredients for a fun craft or a board game to play together.

  2. You will want to think of simple places to hide your clues. I hid clues by a shoe (the clue was a picture of glue), in the sink (the clue was pink), on the chair (the clue was a picture of hair), on the stairs (the clue was a picture of two bears), near a spoon (the clue was a picture of a moon), and on a bed (the clue was red). Other ideas you could use: door - store, bath - math, plant - ant, bag - tag, backpack - black.

  3. Hiding the clues was the hardest part, but worth all of the fun we had! I started with the first clue (it was a picture of a moon). I put that clue aside to be the first one to start the hunt, but I knew that would lead them to the spoons so I put the next clue in the spoon drawer (it was the color red). That clue would lead them to the bed so I put the next clue there etc. until the last clue leads to where you hid the snack.

  4. I told the kids we were going on a rhyming treasure hunt to find their snack. I gave them the first clue and said "That is a picture of a moon. We will find the next clue somewhere that rhymes with moon." We rhymed together aloud (moon, noon, roon, coon, soon, spoon, etc.) until they figured it out. Spoon! So we ran to the silverware drawer. It was harder for them than I thought it would be which gave us a great chance to use teamwork. We went through the clues together and celebrated when we found the treasure. They loved it so much they wanted to do it again.