Rock Snowman

Rock Snowman

Create a snowman made out of rocks and decorated with almost anything you can find in your leftover craft supplies.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. rocks / stones (3) - 3 rocks for each snowman will be needed, large, medium small (the largest being fist size)
  2. acrylic paint - white
  3. googly eyes (2) - 2 for each snowman
  4. hot glue gun - and Elmer's glue for decorations
  5. felt - scrap pieces
  6. markers - to draw eyes and nose
  7. ribbon - optional
  8. buttons - tiny to use for decoration
  9. paper - scrap pieces to make hat or other decorations
  10. sticks (2) - tiny pieces of sticks for arms (2 for each snowman)
  11. paintbrush
  1. My seven-year-old daughter loves to collect things found in nature. One of her favorite things to collect is rocks. We decided to use her collection to make these rock snowmen. First she choose 3 rocks--small, medium, and large.

  2. Then she painted the rocks completely with white acrylic paint. (Be careful to cover your work surface first; newspaper works great for that.) We let the rocks dry for half an hour then I used a glue gun to help my daughter connect the rocks together in a snowman formation. One on top of the other with the largest on the bottom.

  3. Next we gathered up supplies to decorate the snowman. Once we had those supplies, she glued on the googly eyes, then began to create a snow woman. She used some ribbon to create a bow, glued on felt buttons, and made a felt scarf. I helped hot glue to branches to the middle rock.

  4. Last we put our snowman rocks on display for the holiday season to decorate our house!