Rolling Pin Stamp

Rolling Pin Stamp

My kids paint almost every day, so I'm always brainstorming new techniques. It keeps the kids interested in an activity that I feel calms them and allows them to express feelings in a positive way. It's also really fun to get colorful and messy, right?!

Using a few things we already had, we made a really neat rolling pin stamp to add to our daily painting hour! It was a huge hit!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. stickers (foam)
  2. rolling pin
  3. paint
  4. newspaper
  5. paper (large sheet)
  1. Emma went to collect a few foam stickers while I grabbed the rolling pin and paints. (We seem to have an excessive amount of foam stickers, and I never buy them! Where do they all come from?)

  2. Now we had the perfect use for all those foam pieces. Emma began to place them all around the rolling pin--she was starting to figure out just where we were going with this activity and her smile was growing by the second!

  3. I used some newspaper to hold the paint since you need a large area to roll the pin in. She actually enjoyed this step the most.

  4. After the rolling pin got a nice coat of paint, we moved over to the large sheet of paper and presto! We had trains, trucks, and hearts stamped on our paper and it was super fun to get them there!