Rubber Ball Drum Sticks

Rubber Ball Drum Sticks

If you are going to play the drums, you are going to need some drum sticks. Why not add some personal flair by making your own? We have tons of large bouncy balls in our house and decided to give two of them new life as drum sticks. This project does involve a drill (which is definitely a tool for grownup use only)...but otherwise, this project consists of items you probably have around the house.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bouncy ball (2)
  2. pencil (2)
  3. yarn
  4. drill (with a 7/32 bit)
  1. We got together our supplies...

  2. ...then I got drilling! I drilled a hole into each bouncy ball so that the hole went about half-way through the ball.

  3. Then my son took two pencils and stuck one into each bouncy ball. I gave each pencil an extra push to make sure it was on securely.

  4. He tied a piece of yard to the base of the pencil near the ball.

  5. Then he wrapped the yarn around and around...and around and around some more. (Our son got a little frustrated with all the wrapping, but he eventually got them done with a little help.)

  6. Once the pencil was all wrapped up, he tied off the end. (We decided to let the eraser show so people would know that we made our drum sticks out of pencils.)

  7. Ta-da! Aren't they fun and festive? Our son gave these to his sister as a gift. He has an acoustic guitar...and she now has her own drums. A rock band is definitely in the making!