Rubber Band Splatter Painting

Rubber Band Splatter Painting

This project's a messy one, but oh so fun! (Just make sure you do it outside!) I can't recall a time my children laughed so hard.

With an old frame, rubber bands, and paint, this project quickly came together and kept getting used over and over again. I plan on having a splatter paint play date very soon. That would be loads of fun!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. old frame (glass removed)
  2. rubber bands
  3. paint
  4. paper
  1. Find an old frame, then remove the glass and frame backing.

  2. Wrap the rubber bands around the frame in different spots to be sure to get some good splatter coverage. Slide a piece of paper in between the rubber bands. Now you're ready to go!

  3. The kids had no idea what we were doing, but they just went with it and started painting the rubber bands. After a minute of this I stretched a rubber band up and let it snap back splattering paint all over. The looks on my children's faces were priceless!

  4. They did not hesitate to join in on the fun.

  5. I made this frame a double sided splatter frame, but they were enjoying doing this as a team and laughing together that they stayed on one side the entire time. I love that this was something they could do and enjoy together.

  6. They repeated this process so many times. We went through a lot of paper!

  7. The art work came out so pretty we thought this would be a great way to make homemade cards and frame-worthy art for family.