Salt Container Bird Feeder

Salt Container Bird Feeder

We love making bird feeders in our house. They are fun to put together, but the real fun starts when you get to see the little visitors come by for a snack. It gives my children a sense of accomplishment.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. salt container
  2. bird seed
  3. x-acto knife
  4. markers
  5. wire (floral wire works well)
  6. stick (found outside)
  1. This craft takes a little bit of grownup-only work with the x-acto knife. I usually do this before I introduce my kids to the project, but I did have them draw the door on the feeder so I could cut it out just the way they wanted it.

  2. I removed the spout on top of the container and cut an additional hole across from it. (This is where you'll string the wire through to hang your feeder.)

  3. Next, I cut two holes on the bottom to fit our little branch. My daughter easily fit her branch right through.

  4. I cut out her little door. (You could also cut out windows.) My daughter wanted her windows in marker.

  5. She added some special touches. Every bird house needs a few flowers.

  6. Floral wire worked well to hang our feeder with. Sometimes when we use twine the sneaky squirrels chew through the twine and steal the entire feeder! True story.

  7. The final step was to add the bird seed and our feeder was ready to be hung in our tree right outside a window. This way we can see our little bird friends when they stop by!

  8. This worked perfectly! A bird come by within an hour after hanging. My daughter was so proud. Note: this house is probably best for summertime, since it won't stand up to any wet weather.