Sandpaper Garden

Sandpaper Garden

We've been discovering and playing with tons of fun gardening activities. This Sandpaper Garden was one of our favorites! Gardening with kids is such fun -- it's a great excuse to get outside and get dirty, wet & muddy. But sometimes, getting wet & muddy is not part of the agenda. For those times, this is the best no mess gardening project.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. sand paper (we used 100-grit, which is a little coarser than the finest grit; you can buy by the sheet at your local hardware store)
  2. glue ( or Glue Dots)
  3. seeds (bigger is better for this; you buy a packet for about $0.99 at the hardware store, too. We used watermelon and bean seeds.)
  4. oil pastels (if you have them � these turn out so well on the sandpaper! You can also use crayons or markers.)
  1. This was my kids' introduction to sandpaper, so we took a minute to appreciate the cool new texture here. "What do you think it's made of? Can you guess what the paper is called? What do you think it's used for?" They had good questions like "How do they get the sand to stick??" Hmm... probably with some icky chemical... but moving on.. Then we read Jack & the Beanstalk and discussed all the real and imaginary things they might want to grow. My two kids took two different approaches to "planting" their gardens. Approach #1: plant your seeds first.

  2. Then draw your garden around the seeds.

  3. Approach #2: Draw your garden first. (This was adopted after planting the first seed, and H decided that it was easier to draw the plants without working around the seeds / glue.)

  4. Then add the seeds:

  5. We talked about all the things your garden might need to grow (dirt, rain, sunlight), so you'll see some of that represented here. For some reason, my kids were a little obsessed with ants, ant trails and sugar that day, so we've got those in our garden too!