Scented Salt Dough Treasures

Scented Salt Dough Treasures

With a basic salt dough recipe and some lavender oil we made these sweet treasures that smell amazing. I was excited about this as a new homemade gift my children can make for friends, family and teachers. They loved making their treasures just as much as giving them!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. salt dough
  2. cookie cutters
  3. rolling pin
  4. lavender oil
  1. We used a basic salt dough recipe for this project. To give it a swirled look we added the food color after the dough was made and just slightly kneaded it into the dough.

  2. Emma rolled out the dough balls. She has her own little rolling pin and will jump at any opportunity to use it!

  3. Once the dough was rolled out to about 1/4" thick we used little cookie cutters to cut out butterfly, heart and flower shapes. These shapes seemed perfect for our treasures.

  4. We followed our dough recipe for oven instructions (grown-up only step!)

  5. Once our treasures were done and cooled Emma added a drop of lavender oil to the back of each one. Our house was smelling amazingly relaxing at this point of the craft.

  6. These little treasures were so simple to make and really came out beautiful. They are going to make great gifts and we even added some to a little jar to sit in our art room and make our room smell wonderful.