Scented Wax Gift Tags

Scented Wax Gift Tags

Our house smelled so beautiful as we dipped gift tags into the rose smelling wax! What a wonderful accent to add to a gift for someone special.

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. scented wax beads
  2. disposable tin
  3. tweezers
  4. card stock paper - or pre-cut gift tags
  5. craft punches (optional)
  6. scrapbook paper
  7. wax paper
  1. The wax beads we used were soy, but any kind work for this. We also used some plastic tweezers that we've designated for art use only. (It's hard to remove the wax afterwards, so I wouldn't use a good pair of tweezers for this.

  2. We added the wax beads to a tin pan, and I melted the beads by holding the pan over a candle. You can do this over some hot water or another heat source, but this is definitely a grown-up only step!

  3. This is a step that needs grown-up supervision, too! Once the wax was melted, my daughter (with my guidance the entire time) dipped the gift tags and shapes into the wax with the tweezers. The wax solidifies pretty quickly, so you have to melt it again pretty much after each tag, but it was easy to do.

  4. She stuck the shapes onto the gift tags. They stuck on right away, but only while the wax was still wet. (We put a piece of wax paper under the tags for easy clean-up.)

  5. These came out so pretty and the smell is wonderful, like fresh flowers. My daughter really enjoyed making these unique gift tags. I can't wait to tie them to presents or add to a homemade card.