Seashell Friends

Seashell Friends

Adding silly faces got my kids giggling...a lot! They named their new little seashell friends and even made them each a little home in some old shoe boxes. Such fun and so simple.

2 - 8
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. seashells
  2. googly eyes
  3. tacky glue
  4. ribbon
  5. pipe cleaner
  6. pom-poms
  1. This is a great craft to do after a beach trip and a good way to save all those found shells.

  2. We used a pom pom ball on our "snail like" shell. It fit perfectly with a little tacky glue.

  3. A pipe cleaner made great little antennas and googly eyes were the finishing touch. The kids continued to create different faces and got very silly in the process.

  4. How fun are these? We also added the date of our beach trip on the back so we will always remember that trip.