Self Portrait

Self Portrait

This is one of the first projects my daughter did in kindergarten this year: a self-portrait. I was so impressed and touched by this beautiful art work that I had to give it a try at home. I love the use of watercolors here.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. watercolor crayons
  2. watercolor paper
  3. pencil
  4. marker (black)
  5. paint brush
  6. water
  1. Watercolor crayons are such a fun way for children to explore using watercolor. My children love them. The call them "magic crayons"!

  2. For this self-portrait project I first asked Emma to look at herself in a mirror and look at her smile, her hair, skin, eyes, and everything that makes her look like Emma. Next, she drew a picture of herself on the watercolor paper using just a pencil.

  3. When she was finished, I went over her pencil with a black permanent marker.

  4. She colored in her portrait with the watercolor crayons.

  5. It already looked so beautiful! She was very excited for the next step.

  6. With a little water, Emma lightly painted over her drawing. She was captivated by the colors blending and spreading across the page.

  7. I love the mixed use of materials this project entails. This is definitely one for the wall!