Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

Sharpie Pen Tie Dye

Tie-dye a cute and unique napkin with Sharpie Markers!

A project involving beautiful colors and the cool properties of permanent markers.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. permanent markers (e.g., sharpies)
  2. squeeze bottle - or Dropper
  3. jars
  4. rubbing alcohol
  5. rubber bands
  6. fabric
  1. Place your fabric tautly over the cup and secure it with a rubber band (this is the area you will be decorating).

  2. Make about 6 dots of ink from one marker in a circle pattern about the size of a quarter, and then fill in the circle with dots using other colored markers. 

  3. Then slowly drop about 20 drops of alcohol in the center of the pattern.  (Note: if you are using a squeeze bottle, you may need to place your thumb over the end so it doesnÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½t come out too fast.)  YouÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½ll see the molecules of ink spread outward to the rim of the glass from the center.

  4. Let the pattern dry for a few minutes, then moved the napkin to decorate another area.

    After youÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½re all done decorating, youÃ�¢ï¿½ï¿½ll need to set the colors by placing your fabric in the dryer for about 15 minutes.