Shaving Cream Bakery

Shaving Cream Bakery

I keep shaving cream on hand all the time. When my kids are restless and need some fun added to their day, I pull out the shaving cream. It's so wonderful how a simple can of shaving cream can make children so sincerely happy and content. I just love that innocence! Today, our backyard transformed into a shaving cream bakery...

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. shaving cream (1 bottle)
  2. kitchen sponges
  3. kitchen tools
  1. Here is what I grabbed from the kitchen to make our activity extra fun: a new pack of kitchen sponges (to be the cake layers,) a squeeze bottle (with a little water, the shaving cream squeezed right out,) a little plastic spatula, a spoon, and a little dish to hold the "frosting." Oh and the cool sprinkles...I just added a drop of food color and sea salt to a salt shaker and shook it up. Perfect sprinkles for our little bake shop!

  2. Kids often learn, discover, and play through touch. I am a huge fan of sensory play--especially when we have had a big week and just need to come back to a calm place. This week was the first week of kindergarten and this was just what was needed for my little kindergartener.

  3. Shaving cream fun is a great opportunity for some good imaginative pretend play. Today we created a bakery, but other days shaving cream has become an ocean with our sea figurines. There are so many possibilities and it is all with simple things that are around the house. I love that this teaches my children to be resourceful and to use the best toy of all: their imaginations.

  4. I know the mess may be a little scary, but that's why we are outside. (On cold days, you can move this activity to the bathroom.) After we finished playing bake shop, my hubby got out the hose and just washed everything off in seconds.

    The kids sat on the patio and dried the kitchen tools with towels before bringing into the house. (I always have them participate in the clean up as well. I think it teaches responsibility, and they actually enjoy little chores like this that make them feel grown up)

  5. And there you have it! Pure happiness. A calm, relaxed child with no worries after her big week as a kindergartener.