Shaving Cream Bath Tub Paint

Shaving Cream Bath Tub Paint

Make bath time exciting and creative with this super-simple bath tub paint. Easy to make--and easy to rinse away!

2 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. shaving cream
  2. food coloring
  3. muffin tin - or tray
  4. paint brushes
  1. To prepare for a creative bath time, put shaving cream in the compartments of a muffin tin (or a different container). Put a drop or two of food coloring on each shaving cream pile.

  2. Once your child is in the bath tub, have him mix the shaving cream colors by stirring with a paint brush. You will hear a lot of oooohs and aaaahs as it mixes. If your child wasn't already excited, he is now!

  3. Set the rules for where they are allowed to paint and turn them loose!

  4. It was such a cool sensory experience for her! She painted her masterpiece until I made her get out because the water had turned cold. The shaving cream mixture rinsed right off! This has become a weekly tradition at our house.