Shoe Box Fairy House

Shoe Box Fairy House

Make a super easy fairy house and magical garden for hours of pretend play fun.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. small box (such as a shoe box)
  2. roll of white paper
  3. scissors
  4. paint or markers
  5. glue or tape
  6. natural materials to decorate (shells, rocks, leaves, twigs, etc.)
  7. knife (adult use only)
  1. We found an empty shoe box for our fairy house. I assembled paint and markers so my daughter could choose what she wanted to use.

  2. First, we covered the shoe box in white paper. We used a combination of tape and glue. I suggest covering it so that the top still opens. My kids like to decorate and play with the inside of the fairy house, so easy access is important.

  3. We drew a door on the front of the box.

  4. I used a sharp knife to cut out the door on three sides.

  5. My daughter drew windows around the fairy house.

  6. Then she got to work painting.

  7. I love how she painted the door green and added green trim to match.

  8. She came up with the idea to sprinkle glitter into the wet paint so it would stick. Fairy dust!

  9. After the paint dried, she used little stones, sea shells and leaves to make a garden around the fairy house. Now we hope we'll get some fairy visitors to this cute little home!