Slotted Animals

Slotted Animals

Use your imagination to create your favorite animals. Do you love savannah animals best? Jungle creatures? Animals that live in the sea? Draw your favorites, and make them three-dimensional for making lively scenes or dioramas.

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. poster board paper
  2. crayons or markers
  3. scissors
  1. We used a variety of art materials to make our animals—chalk pastels, oil pastels, and crayons.

  2. First Maddie drew her animals. She was thinking more traditional drawings, rather than segmented, but we made it work.

  3. When she had her pieces drawn, she cut them out. She colored most of them on the other side, too, since both sides would be visible.

  4. She cut small slots into the animal limbs and bodies.

  5. Then they were connected!

  6. Ears, eyes, tails, fins, wings, arms and legs...many things can be used to add dimension! Just remember that the body will be sideways.

  7. Maddie got right to work hunting for a nice shade of blue paper so she could make water for her dolphin, then dragged them all outside to the grass for an adventure. Where will your animals take you?