Spider Counting Game

Spider Counting Game

Spiders, dice, counting...oh my! This spider dice game is the perfect way to have fun together and sneak in a little learning along the way.

2 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. plastic spiders
  2. die
  3. ice cube tray
  1. I picked up a bag of these inexpensive spider rings at the store and cut off the ring part of the spider. The spiders immediately got Natalie's attention and she was excited to play.

  2. How to play: Roll the die. Put the corresponding number of spiders in the ice cube tray. When the ice cube tray is full, you win!

  3. Encourage your child to put the spiders in the tray top to bottom, left to right (this will transfer over into their beginning reading skills). It was too much for Natalie to count the number on the die AND count the spiders so I told her the number she rolled and then we counted the spiders. She is still seeing the dots on the die as I tell her the number and as she gains more experience with the game, she will be able to do both.

  4. Other Variations:
    *Each time you roll, switch to a different color spider. At the end of the game see which color spider "won" and has the most in the tray.
    *Sort the spiders by color - orange in the top row, black in the bottom row. Roll to take the spiders out of the tray. *For older children, if you roll an odd number put one spider in and if you roll an even number put two spiders in.