Spray Bottle & Watercolor

Spray Bottle & Watercolor

We've written about the joys of spray bottles on a summer day, and about painting with Koolaid. I decided to try to combine these two activities to see if it doubled the fun.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. spray bottle
  2. paper
  1. First we mixed Kool-Aid--you can use any liquid watercolor with water in a spray bottle. Kool-Aid can stain, so if your child might aim somewhere other than the paper, make sure to get a washable paint!

  2. We had leftover paper blinds, so I put one in the backyard and let my son go to town.

  3. Let's see if it does something different if I spray really close-- Yes! The drops are bigger.

  4. The resulting grins made the Kool-Aid sprayed on my legs worthwhile.

  5. Our final Jackson Pollack results:

  6. We let our art dry outside all afternoon, and by evening we could bring it inside to hang on the wall. My son realized it's fun to smell your art.