Squirrel Slinky Feeder

Squirrel Slinky Feeder

My daughter is a fan of squirrels and decided they needed a little feeder just like the birds have in our yard. I thought it was a great idea and we brainstormed together to come up with the perfect way to leave our furry friends a little snack.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. slinky
  2. nuts - in shells
  3. pipe cleaner
  4. twine
  1. We collected a few materials we already had, and started working to make our very first squirrel feeder!

  2. We experimented with different ways our slinky could hold the nuts. It seemed to work best when it was in a half circle. Using the pipe cleaner to hold it together worked great.

  3. We filled it with nuts and were ready to head to the yard to hang it from our tree.

  4. We placed it close to a branch since squirrels don't fly! The next day we saw our little visitors stopping by for a snack. It was an exciting moment in our house!