Stencil Pillowcase

Stencil Pillowcase

With fabric crayons and stencils, even the most reluctant artist can turn an old, mismatched pillowcase into a work of art! In particular, stencils are perfect for kids who aren't very comfortable with their drawing skills. This project makes a great homemade gift, and is also perfect for personalizing bedroom decor. My son was so proud to turn a throw-away pillowcase into something pretty!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pillowcase
  2. fabric crayons
  3. stencils
  4. iron (for adult use only!)
  5. paper (to protect iron)
  6. masking tape - or painter's tape
  1. First, gather your materials.

  2. Fold the pillowcase so that the center is the only available surface. That makes it easier for little ones to center their design.

  3. Tape down a stencil with masking tape or painter's tape, to keep it from slipping.

  4. Now, start coloring in your stencils! When you've colored in your favorites, move or rotate the stencil and tape it down again. That way, you can fill in your design.

  5. Once your design is as elaborate as you'd like, it's time to make it permanent.

  6. Grown-up step: Place a piece of scrap paper over the fabric pastel design and iron to set. Move the paper and iron until the whole design has been ironed.

  7. Once ironed, the design is permanent and washing-machine safe. The only difficulty left is keeping kids from stenciling on every pillowcase in the house!