Storytelling Stones

Storytelling Stones

My son had a blast using these stones as a jumping off point to tell his own tales! Native Americans often used symbols to tell stories. Some symbols looked just like the concepts or objects they represented and others were more abstract. My son and I went to a Native American tribe's website to look up symbols so that we could make our own (super simple!) storytelling stones.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. chart of symbols
  2. markers
  3. stones (10)
  1. After looking at a chart of Native American symbols, have your child decide what symbols they want to place on the rocks. My son selected a butterfly first. (He loves chasing them around our yard.)

  2. "Village" was also an important storytelling stone to have. My son carefully drew all the straight lines.

  3. The symbol for mountain was my son's next choice. He meticulously drew a mountain range on the small stone.

  4. By the time we finished, we had ten stones to tell stories with. One of our favorite stories was about a good butterfly that tried to make peace with an eagle on a sun-filled day. Have fun coming up with your own stories!