Strawberry Picking & Basket Weaving

Strawberry Picking & Basket Weaving

Here, in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're lucky to have a number of u-pick fruit farms nearby. For a few years, I had great intentions of going strawberry picking, but we never quite made it out. Finally, we went--thanks to a friend who reached out to go picking at Swanton Berry Farm along the coast.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. strawberry baskets
  2. ribbon
  3. yarn
  1. If you've never gone picking before, a heads up that it's quite addictive. Every time you see a plump red berry, you just have to pick it.

  2. We came back home with about four times more than we thought we would. All in all though, it was beautiful, fun, and delicious!

  3. For any of you who have been mulling over the idea of going fruit picking, maybe this will inspire you to go.

  4. As an added bonus, you can have fun with the strawberry baskets. Use ribbon, yarn, long scraps of fabric to weave. It's great for developing those fine motor skills. Under, over, under, over!

  5. Then, ta-dah! A basket to hold all sorts of treasures.