Stress Ball

Stress Ball

We call it the "squeeze your worries away" ball and first made it when my daughter was nervous about her preschool Christmas performance. We made it together and talked about her feelings. Then we placed it in her itty-bitty pocket to squeeze away her worries during the performance. Maybe this ball didn't actually squeeze away her worries, but it opened a door for her to talk about it, which made us all feel better.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. balloons
  2. cornstarch
  3. funnel
  4. skewer
  1. For this ball, we used cornstarch. I've heard of people using sand and flour too. I have yet to explore these ways of making a stress ball, but I am sure I will have ample opportunities in the future.

  2. First we blew up the balloon a few times to stretch it out.

  3. Next, we fit the balloon over a funnel and Emma started scooping in the cornstarch.

  4. We learned that the cornstarch needed some guidance down the funnel; a wooden skewer worked perfect for this.

  5. After you get the balloon nice and full, it's time to tie off the balloon. (Proceed with caution, lest you get cornstarch on your shirt!)

  6. Now give it a go: Squeeze those worries out! These stress balls are so fun for any age. They would even be a good homemade gift for someone that needs a new desk toy.