String Roller Print

String Roller Print

A fun painting project using everyday upcycled materials.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paint and paintbrushes
  2. toilet paper tubes
  3. watercolor paper
  4. string or yarn pieces
  5. white glue
  6. paper plates (2)
  7. clothespins (optional)
  1. Gather your supplies. Paper plates not shown.

  2. We started with squirting a large amount of white glue onto a paper plate. Next, V put the string pieces in the white glue, covering them completely.

  3. I then held the roll while V wrapped the glue-covered string pieces around the toilet paper rolls. She wrapped all the string pieces around, overlapping some to make different patterns and layers.

  4. We allowed the rolls to dry overnight--but I think they would be dry enough after a couple of hours. V then poured the paint onto the other paper plate, mixing the paint to blend the colors.

  5. We rolled the roll into the paint and used a paintbrush to further cover it with paint. We then rolled it onto the canvas. V is a little funny about messy hands so for our first attempt I attached clothespins to each side for her to use to roll on the canvas.

  6. The clothespins worked well enough, but, after I showed her how to roll with her hands, that became our way of transferring the paint to the canvas. And after a few rolls on the canvas, her messy hands didn't bother her that much.

  7. This was a messy painting activity, but very fun and worth the mess. It was also fantastic that the materials were up-cycled things we already had around the house.