Stuffed Animal Collar

Stuffed Animal Collar

My daughter always wants real-life accessories for everything she owns. Diapers for her babies, scarves for her fairies, and--today--a collar for her kitty. It was simple to make together and it just made her day! The rest of the afternoon was spent caring for her "real" kitty.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. contact paper
  3. markers
  4. hole punch
  5. scissors
  6. ribbon
  7. pipe cleaners (optional)
  1. We started making our collar by cutting a strip of paper out that would fit around the stuffed kitty's neck.

  2. Emma decorated it with stamp markers, and I cut out contact paper the same length and double the width.

  3. Once Emma was happy with her collar's design, we covered it in the contact paper. Emma was already talking about making a leash at this point as well!

  4. We punched two holes in each side and threaded a piece of ribbon at each end.

  5. It was perfect...except Emma decided it needed an "if found" charm. She added that with a little heart piece of paper and a small snip of pipe cleaner. we will not have to worry if our kitty gets loose in the neighborhood!

  6. By making this collar, Emma's stuffed kitty became a toy rather than a plush animal taking up bed space. A simple little thing stirred up her imagination for days.