Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

My children love to make shakers. We have made them with all kinds of materials and for all kinds of themes. As we begin to celebrate the arrival of summer a watermelon maraca seemed only appropriate.

2 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper cups (2)
  2. dried beans or peas, or rice
  3. duct tape sheets - pink and green
  4. permanent marker - black
  1. We had these paper coffee cups on hand already, but they were a bit tall so I cut them down.

  2. My two-year-old added a few scoops of dried beans and rice. We only made one maraca on this day, but in the past have made several with different kinds of dried goods. It's fun to hear the different sounds they make.

  3. Once he settled on the amount to fill the cup with we placed the other cup on top and sealed it with a half sheet of pink duct tape.

  4. He added green duct tape to the sides and was starting to figure out just what we were making--a watermelon!

  5. All that was left was a few seeds that my little guy drew on with a black sharpie.

  6. Time to shake away!! Of course, when big sis got home we made another one.