Sun Pinata!

Sun Pinata!

Create a traditional pinata from flour paste, newspaper and paint.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. newspaper - torn into strips
  2. flour
  3. water
  4. balloons
  5. glue gun and sticks
  6. paint - orange and yellow
  7. tissue paper - orange and yellow
  8. toilet paper tubes (6)
  9. pipe cleaners - one orange and one yellow
  1. Blow up a balloon to desired size.

  2. Gather 6 toilet paper rolls.

  3. Tear the newspaper into long strips. (Don't cut the strips with scissors, because the clean edges don't blend well when paper mache-ed.)

  4. Mix flour and water together until you reach your desired consistency. I made my mixture the consistency of pancake batter and it worked fine. Add more water or flour if needed.

  5. Dip one strip at a time into the flour and water mixtures. Slide two fingers down the strip to rid it of excess paste.

  6. Lay newspaper strips on the balloon and smooth them flat.

  7. Continue until the balloon is covered completely.

  8. Set aside to dry. I put our balloon in a pot to dry and rotated it a few times so all "sides" were able to dry.

  9. Paper mache all 6 toilet paper rolls, being sure to only cover one open end with the newspaper/paste. Leave the other end clear.

  10. When the balloon and the 6 toilet paper rolls are dry--about one day--cut the open bottom of each tube as shown in the picture.

  11. Use a hot glue gun to attach the tubes to the ballon or dip the end of the tube in the paste and affix it to the balloon.

  12. Add another layer of paper mache around the balloon and the tubes. Be sure to cover the area where the tubes meet the balloon with strips of paper mache so they stay in place. Allow to dry (another day or so)

  13. Paint the sun pinata yellow, with every other ray orange. Allow to dry.

  14. Draw lines where you would like the opening to the pinata to be.

  15. Cut along the lines with a sharp knife or blade. Don't worry when you hear the balloon pop! It is normal. When you're opening the flap, the piece may crack off. This is okay. Fill the pinata with candies and other goodies, then paper mache over the hole so it looks like the rest of the pinata. Let dry.

  16. To make the streamers, cut one inch wide strips from both yellow and orange tissue paper.

  17. Staple together 3 orange and 3 yellow strips. Cut the strips to desired length. Use a hot glue gun to attach the strips to the ends of the toilet paper tube rays.

  18. Twist a yellow and orange pipe cleaner together as shown in the picture and hot glue it to the top ray of the pinata. Allow to dry and use it for hanging the pinata.

  19. Now your pinata is finished and ready for your Cinco de Mayo celebration or birthday party!