Super Detectives to the Rescue!

Super Detectives to the Rescue!

Lost the t.v. remote? A library book? Your car keys? No problem—the Super Detectives are on the job! Armed with their super-powerful magnifying glasses and their super skills, they'll find those lost items in no time at all.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. magnifying glass
  2. superhero cape (optional)
  1. Turn the frustration of losing something into a fun game by asking your kids to transform into Super Detectives! Give them a magnifying glass and a cape and invite them to use their super skills to search for that lost item.

  2. This can quickly transform a frantic search into a more efficient one. I swear we find things faster when we make a game out of it.

  3. Today we were looking for an overdue library book. Found it! Good work, Super Detective Son!

  4. We also hadn't seen the remote since early yesterday. Tragic, isn't it? Super Detective Daughter found it with her super skills. Good job!

  5. This game also works for lost glasses...

  6. Lost car keys...and much more.

  7. What will your Super Detectives find?