Surprise "Juice" Cups


I’m not much of a prankster but I’m all for some fun and giggles with my kids. This April Fool’s I thought I’d give them a sweet treat with just a tiny little surprise. They’ll jump for a taste of some sweet juice with an irresistible straw but they won’t be able to drink this treat!

4 - 10
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. 1 package of juice colored gelatin
  2. clear cups
  3. straws
  4. hot water
  5. mixing bowl
  6. spoon
  1. Make the gelatin according to the directions on the package. Our directions instructed us to combine the gelatin powder with a cup of hot water, and then a cup of cold water in a bowl.

  2. Once the powder is dissolved, portion it out into small clear juice cups. If needed, wipe down the edges of the cups above the gelatin to make sure you don’t get any extra drops. Also, try not to tip the cups too much, so the gelatin will set cleanly.

  3. Place them in a safe spot inside your refrigerator and let the gelatin set. If you are doing these more than a few hours ahead of time, seal the cups with plastic wrap so the edges don’t dry out.When the gelatin is ready, and add a fun straw to each cup. Serve them to some unsuspecting friends and be sure to have some spoons ready!