Swamp-A-Mole Avocado Dip

Swamp-A-Mole Avocado Dip

How do you get your kids to snack on a healthy snack? Give it a fun name, let your child prepare it, and make fun faces as the final presentation. My daughter loved this swamp-a-mole dip.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. avocado
  2. tomato
  3. cilantro
  4. lime (salt and pepper)
  5. carrot
  6. knife (child-safe)
  7. spoon
  8. bowl
  1. Making this fun guacamole recipe is the perfect way to teach your child culinary safety skills. First, my daughter diced a tomato with a (child-safe) knife.

  2. Then she breathed in the earthy, delicious scents of fresh herbs. She started cutting the cilantro, but then she discovered she could pull the cilantro leaves off of the stems.

  3. I cut the avocado in half, then my daughter scooped the avocado out of the skin.

  4. While she was busy mixing and mashing the mushy avocado, I placed all of the remaining ingredients on a tray.

  5. My daughter then added the diced tomato, squeezed the lime wedges, mixed in the cilantro, and...

  6. ...sprinkled the salt and pepper. She mixed all of the ingredients together.

  7. Once you have your "swamp-a-mole," scoop the mixture into the empty avocado halves. My daughter got a kick out of this. She then placed the avocado seeds on top to make the eyes. She used the remaining lime slices for a mouth, horns and a base for the nose.

  8. Once your child's swamp-a-mole dip is complete, have them grab a healthy whole grain chip, scoop up some dip, and enjoy!