TEE-rific Painted Golf Tees

TEE-rific Painted Golf Tees

A customized and unique gift for someone that you think is Tee-riffic!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. golf tees
  2. paint & paint brushes
  1. Paint a set of golf tees. Use any colors or design. I gave her 5 tees and 3 different colors of paint. (I was imagining stripes, but they ended up having a tie-dyed look.)

  2. Once they were dry her big brother used a permanent marker to draw designs on them.

  3. Put the golf tees in a clear bag with a "You are TEE-rific" tag. The perfect gift for someone special to remind them of you when they play golf!