Teeny-Tiny Fairy Door

Teeny-Tiny Fairy Door

We just love fairies in our house. They are so magical and sweet. This love makes for many fairy-related crafts. We've made fairy doors in the past and placed them in the corner of a room (and let my daughter's imagination run wild!) and placed them under a tree in the yard--where some mysterious, magical fairy has left behind treasures for the kids...

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cardboard
  2. paint
  3. glue
  4. twigs
  5. beads
  1. We started with door shapes cut from cardboard. Remember when cutting these that they should be just big enough for a fairy.

  2. First, we painted our doors in shiny metallic colors. While my five-year-old and I did this, my two-year-old had the remaining cardboard and his dot painters. We were all painting in harmony. Who could ask for anything more?

  3. After the doors were looking less like cardboard and more like doors, we used tacky glue to add on twigs from our nature collection. The sticks gave the doors that earthy, forest-fairy feel.

  4. A few jewels, buttons, and a large bead door knob and our door was ready for fairy business.

  5. One of the doors was placed under a tree. (I'll leave little treasures to surprise Emma with. They are always the tiniest of treasures and she is always in shock and awe over the things fairies leave her. I love it!) The other door went in her room. It is so sweet there next to her bookshelf.... I noticed that she's already added a few tiny accessories to the door step!