Tissue Paper Brooches

Tissue Paper Brooches

With a few supplies, these easy to make tissue paper flower brooches are the perfect homemade gift for Mother's Day (or any day!).

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. tissue paper - assorted colors
  2. card stock
  3. white glue
  4. awl or piercing tool
  5. pin back or hair clip
  6. scissors or assorted punches
  7. glue gun
  1. Gather your materials. (Assorted punches not shown.)

  2. We started by using our paper punches to cut out two different shapes from assorted tissue paper colors. We used a larger circle shape for the flower petals and a smaller scalloped shape for the center (you can also use scissors to cut your shapes out). Next using the smaller scalloped punch we cut the base out of card stock.

  3. In this next step, we made the flower petals using the larger tissue circles. V chose two different colored circles, placed them on top of each other, and then folded them twice. She folded them in half, and then in half again, creating a triangle. The messier the folds, the better (it makes for pretty petals)!

  4. Next, V squirted a small dot of glue in the center of the card stock smaller circle (this is the flower base). Then, placing them one at a time, V placed the points of the petal triangles into the center glue spot. We then let it dry for a couple of minutes while we prepared the next step.

  5. For the final part of the flower, V placed two of the smaller scalloped tissue circles, one of top of the other in the center of the flower. These circles attach by soaking up some of the remaining glue from the petal placement. While V did this, I did the mama step. Using an awl, I pierced the center making a hole for the brad placement. I then pushed the brad through and secured the back.

  6. And the final step is another mama step. Using a hot glue gun I attached the clips onto the back of the flower base and let dry. Alternatively you could also use the white glue for this step, but you will need to allow more drying time. And there you go- just fluff them up a bit by separating the tissue layers - and you have two flower brooches - one for each Grandma for Mother's Day!