Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy Box

After the tooth fairy accidentally gave money to the wrong kid, I knew we needed a Tooth Fairy Box to put the tooth in when a tooth was lost. So we decided to make one out of an old mint tin.

5 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. mint tin
  2. scrapbook paper
  3. glue
  4. ribbon (12 inches)
  5. scissors
  6. pen
  1. Trace around the outside edge of your mint tin.

  2. Carefully cut out your traced shape.

  3. Spread a thin layer of glue on the top of the tin, then place your paper on top.

  4. Spread some glue on the right and left edges of the tin, and place your ribbon on top.

  5. Cut out a second piece of paper to cover the ribbon and glue it on.

  6. Once the glue dries, hang up your tooth fairy box--and make a deposit in the box whenever a baby tooth falls out. Hopefully, the tooth fairy will leave something shiny in exchange!