Toppling Turtles

Toppling Turtles

We picked up Yertle the Turtle to read from the library today. What could be cuter than an interactive activity of stacking turtles to go along with the theme? We collected a few basic household items and tried to reach the moon with our own tower of turtles. I have to say it was a huge hit!

3 - 5
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt
  2. bottle caps
  3. glue
  4. scissors
  5. googley eyes
  6. markers (optional)
  1. Cut felt into turtle shaped pieces.

    Tip: If you need help, take a pen or marker and draw a turtle shape on the felt. We referenced our book to help draw the turtle shape.

  2. Add a face to your turtles with googly eyes or hand-drawn features.

  3. Glue the bottle caps to the felt to finish the turtles.

  4. Now that your turtles are ready, see how high they can stack before toppling over