Under the Sea Play Scene

Under the Sea Play Scene

Are your kids as obsessed with underwater critters as mine are? They both love learning about fish, sea horses, and sharks and just about anything else that lives in the big blue ocean. So these fun under-the-sea scenes made their day, and will surely be perfect for the sea-loving fan in your family.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  2. plastic gallon bag / large ziplock bag (1 gallon)
  3. paint
  4. stickers
  5. tape
  6. folder or heavy card stock
  7. glue
  1. Gather up your supplies. Since my kids love stickers, we decided to use some sea creature stickers, but you could use markers and let the kids draw their own critters.

    We also used scrapbook paper with a water print, but plain construction paper would work just fine. Glue the paper to the folder or card stock to create the base.

  2. Give the kids their base to decorate however they wish. My kids loved adding their favorite sea creatures and creating their underwater scene.

  3. While they were busy decorating, I added some blue paint to the plastic bag. It doesn't take much. then get out as much air as possible and seal the bag.

  4. Once the kids were done decorating, we added the "sea water" (plastic bag of paint).

  5. Tape the bag to the scene and fold the top of the bag around to the back and tape in place so the bag is nice and secure. Then squish and swoosh the "water" all around.

  6. They can rub their finger across the sea creatures to find all of the animals. We talked about underwater discovery, and what it is like to scuba dive and find fun creatures.

  7. We also used the play mat to learn how to spell out some of the different creatures, like "fish." Both kids loved playing with the paint, and--since it was safe and secure in the plastic bag--it was mess free ocean play.