Valentine Snack Platter

Valentine Snack Platter

This fruit and cheese platter is a yummy and healthy way to celebrate Valentine's without all the sugar! While I had l to take the lead any sharp cutting, my kids helped shape many of these healthy snacks into heart shapes. Then, of course, they gobbled up their delicious heart creations!

4 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. strawberries
  2. cheese
  3. toothpicks
  4. cookie cutters - heart
  5. knife - used by grownups
  6. cutting board - work surface
  1. Gather your materials.

    Note: We used foods that we had at home, but you can get creative with anything you find at the market!

  2. We started with the strawberries and grapes.

    To shape the strawberries, I cut out the stem and sliced the berries into heart-like slices.

    To shape the grapes, I cut them at a diagonal

  3. To create grape hearts, my kids used toothpicks to attach the two grape halves together to form little grape hearts. They loved seeing the adorable grape hearts come together.

  4. To shape the melons, I cut them into 1/2� thick slices. Then my kids used cookie cutters to punch out hearts in the fruit.

  5. We used the cookie cutters to shape the cheese slices as well.

  6. All of our heart snacks were arranged on a platter. It's funny how my kids seem to enjoy food that they help prepare that much more than when I just put something in front of them. Hope you enjoy making and partaking in these Valentine-inspired snacks!