Water Balloon Piñatas

Water Balloon Piñatas

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. water balloons
  2. water
  3. string or rope
  4. bat
  1. Fill 10-15 water balloons with water.

  2. Cut a long, strong piece of rope or string. Tie and knot the rope around the end of each water balloon. You don't want to try to stretch the end of the water balloon around the rope to tie it because too many will break. Instead, just keep alternating sides as you tie the rope onto the balloon.

  3. Hang up your water balloon piñata. (It's pretty heavy, which is why the strong rope (or twine) comes in handy.) We hung ours up from the basketball hoop by throwing the loose end of the rope over the hoop and tying it on the other side. You could also hang it from the bottom of a deck or from a tree.

  4. Take turns (youngest to oldest) hitting the piñata with a bat.

  5. When you hit the balloons, they pop easily if they are full. Even my 3 year old broke a few! I think next time I will fill them about half way to make it more of a challenge.

  6. You get a huge splash of water each time you break one! This was such a fun way to stay cool on a hot afternoon.