Water Bead Sensory Play For Toddlers

Water Bead Sensory Play For Toddlers

They are cold, smooth, and squishy! Your toddler will love to experiment with water beads!

2 - 6
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. water beads
  2. water
  3. large container
  1. You can find water beads like this at local craft stores or dollar stores. They are intended for vase filler, but they make for an awesome sensory experience too! All you do is add water and they start expanding. It's fun for your toddler to check in on the size and progress of the water beads.

  2. The water beads will slowly start to expand. The more water you add, the more they will absorb. When they reach the size that you are looking for, pour any excess water out of the container. If they get too big, they are easy to squish and smash which is fun but increases the mess level.

  3. You may want to talk about a few rules before you start such as no throwing and not to put them in their mouth. Always monitor your child closely with the water beads. As your toddler first touches the water beads you will see huge smiles and hear giggles. Talk with your toddler about they feel (cold, smooth, squishy, etc.)

  4. Stir them with a spoon and/or transfer them from the container to another container such as an ice cube tray or bowl. You can even hide toys inside the water beads. You and your tot will have so much fun searching for the tiny objects!

  5. The water beads can be kept and played with for several days. When they've reached their limit, pour them out and watch a new batch expand! We've even mixed different colors together to have a rainbow of water beads.