Wooden Block Rainbow Puzzle

Wooden Block Rainbow Puzzle

My son loves both blocks and puzzles, so I was excited to combine the two with one of my favorite activities, painting.

We live in a town that is fortunate enough to have a Woodcraft store. These are not like the gigantic warehouse home-improvement stores. Our local store has a woodworking classroom, a children's toy area, and the nicest employees. We were able to get 27 blocks cut for under $10, plus the enjoyment of going into the workshop and watching the carpenter's use the circular saw!

If you don't have a handy store nearby, you can also purchase blocks online. To make our puzzle, I prepped by gathering supplies and covering the table since we used acrylic paint.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paintbrushes
  2. paint
  3. cups
  4. blocks
  1. B first chose blue. I squeezed the paint into an applesauce container for easy clean up. When he was done, we rotated the blocks.

  2. Then B declared holding the red paint, "I can do it all by myself." He squeezed the red out and painted the next side. Although he added too much paint, we used it later to make orange.

  3. Once yellow was on the third side, we waited for the paint to dry. We then mixed the primary colors to make orange, purple, and green.

  4. B was content with his new "rainbow blocks." He likes to stack them and match up all the colors. You could paint on shapes, animals, or other inspirations. He was so excited he wanted paint again. I tried to convince him to make a 3x3 puzzle, but he wanted 2x2 again!