Word Hunt

Word Hunt

Children love to collect things: rocks, Matchbox cars, stickers. So it makes sense that they might be motivated to learn how to read new words if they could collect them. But how? I'd be willing to bet that if you asked your child to read the words written in big bold letters on his cereal box he could do it in a snap--not necessarily because he knew how to sound out the word by himself, but rather because he knew the name of the cereal he likes to eat for breakfast every morning. This fun-filled word hunt will help motivate your child to read by showing him how much he can already recognize in the world around him.

3 - 5
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. blank label
  2. plastic gallon bag / large ziplock bag
  3. scissors
  4. small box
  5. markers
  6. magazines
  1. Before your child joins you, decorate a Ziploc bag or a box with a label that says, "Words I Can Read." Shoe boxes and gallon size bags are great to use with this activity because of their large size.

  2. Then send your child on a hunt to collect words he can read around the house. Visit closets to look at shoeboxes, check out the pantry to look for favorite snacks, or look through old children's magazines that would have familiar ads.

  3. Each time your child recognizes a word, cut it out and add it to the bag. Obviously, feel free to hand over a pair of kid-friendly scissors to your child if they are old enough - my oldest is only three. Your child will be amazed by the number of words that he can read on his own and he will be motivated to continue reading words he recognizes and adding to them to his collection.