100+ Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: craft paper

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  1. In Georgia's Garden

    In Georgia's Garden

    Creative little ones ages 2-5 will love to create bright beautiful flowers inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe! Enjoy!

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  2. Rockin' Robin

    Rockin' Robin

    This is a fun craft project that celebrates our feathered friends. Your child will have a blast making it and it will rock!

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  3. Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

    Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

    Spring is here! To celebrate create this cute little spring flower craft with your kids! You just need some pipe cleaners, foam cups and a...

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  4. Lion and Lamb Masks

    Lion and Lamb Masks

    If you little ones love masks, animals, and pretend play, this is a great craft for them to make!

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  5. Suncatchers and Cutouts

    Suncatchers and Cutouts

    Make items to hang in the window and catch the sunlight with your children! They will have a ball seeing the their precious artwork hanging...

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  6. Lilypad Boats

    Lilypad Boats

    This is a fast, easy, no-mess craft that your kids will love making! Lilypad Boats are so cute and fun to play with.

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  7. Oatmeal Can Giftbox Craft For Kids

    Oatmeal Can Giftbox Craft For Kids

    Recycle oatmeal cans, or any cans with flat sides to make some super cute gift boxes! Kids of all ages can enjoy this craft with...

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  8. Glass Magnet Gift Sets

    Glass Magnet Gift Sets

    These glass magnets are so fun and inexpensive to make! Crafting unique magnets with easy and make great gifts for any occasion. Your child will...

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  9. Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Here's a fun ten plagues Passover craft that you can make and use at the Passover seder to create a little bit of excitement and...

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  10. Low-Mess Color Collage

    Low-Mess Color Collage

    This color collage art project is a wonderful low-mess alternative to traditional painting, with very little clean-up. Create away!

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  11. Autumn Placemats

    Autumn Placemats

    Enjoy your pretty place mats and enjoy having the pretty autumn colors decorating your table. Your children will love making this simple, fall-friendly craft!

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  12. Fall Tree Hand Craft

    Fall Tree Hand Craft

    Is there anything better than crafting with tissue paper? It's a simple and inexpensive material that provides a satisfying sensory and fine motor experience for...

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  13. Spring tissue paper bouquet hats!

    Spring tissue paper bouquet hats!

    This one may be a bit on the feminine side but you can tweak it by using different colors of tissue paper if you want....

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  14. Origami Paper Flowers

    Origami Paper Flowers

    Your kid will have the most fun selecting hi//her colors and patterns to make a Paper Flower Collage! This is a simple but creative craft.

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  15. Forsythia Tissue Paper and Twig Craft

    Forsythia Tissue Paper and Twig Craft

    Budding branches are among the most beautiful and clear signs that spring has arrived. Celebrate this season by making this craft with your little ones....

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